The Art of Self-Defense (2019) – Riley Stearns

The Art of Self-Defense is the 2019 dark comedy by writer and director Riley Stearns, starring Jesse Eisenberg as the lead Casey. There are things unexplained in the film, like when exactly it is set, but while the inconsequential violence, attitudes and behaviours of some of the characters are exaggerated, they are alarmingly all tooContinue reading “The Art of Self-Defense (2019) – Riley Stearns”

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) – Quentin Tarantino

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film (due to his counting Kill Bill vol. 1 and vol. 2 as one film). The talent and charisma of the star-studded cast is prevalent in every scene throughout the film. The film focuses on the friendship between Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rick Dalton and Brad Pitt’sContinue reading “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) – Quentin Tarantino”

Reservoir Dogs (1992) – Quentin Tarantino

Reservoir Dogs was Quentin Tarantino’s directorial debut and key aspects in the film are tropes that run throughout his filmography. Music and the soundtracks for his films are key components that give them their character, and the songs in Reservoir Dogs are no exception. While the opening of the film felt slow, with muffled conversations,Continue reading “Reservoir Dogs (1992) – Quentin Tarantino”

Hotel Artemis (2018) – Drew Pearce

Hotel Artemis is a film directed by Drew Pearce, set in a dystopian Los Angeles of 2028, in which the privatization of water has sparked riots and unrest in the city. This bleak surrounding permeates the gates of the twenty-two-year standing Hotel Artemis, where ‘The Nurse’ Jean Thomas (Jodie Foster), patches up and gives medicalContinue reading “Hotel Artemis (2018) – Drew Pearce”

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) – Ron Howard

Solo: A Star Wars Story disappointed at the box office in comparison to the other Star Wars films, and there seems to be a lack of buzz surrounding the franchise, either due to Star Wars fatigue, or the lack of excitement about the direction the franchise is heading in (with prequels such as a BobaContinue reading “Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) – Ron Howard”

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) – J.A. Bayona

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom directed by J.A. Bayona, is a film that I did not have high expectations for, due to my thoughts on the first Jurassic World of 2015. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom therefore did not disappoint, as I knew what type of film I was going in to. While there are attempts toContinue reading “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) – J.A. Bayona”

Rampage: Big Meets Bigger (2018) – Brad Peyton

Brad Peyton’s latest film Rampage: Big Meets Bigger, starring Dwayne Johnson, makes for an enjoyable watch. While the story-line is not perfect and there are some flaws in the script, it is still fun to watch if you do not take it too seriously. It is loosely based on a video game of the same nameContinue reading “Rampage: Big Meets Bigger (2018) – Brad Peyton”